The e-Twinning project " Digiscience"  is a product of Turkey, Latvia and Poland joint work


Title: European Studies, Computing / ICT, Science, Physics, Technology


Languages​​: EN


Student age: 14 to 19


Used tools: chat, e-mail, forum, MP3, other software (AdobeFlashcs3 Fireworks, Powerpoint, video, pictures and drawings), video conferencing, virtual learning environment (communities, virtual classes, ...), web publishing ..



Physics course, in the context of the web to contribute to the learning environment 

·       encourage the use of learning objects in physics education;

·       improve  the recognition and use of Information technology software programs (powerpoint, adobe flash cs3, etc. ..),the Internet communication tools  and another educational tools;

·       learn the new methods of teaching to carry on the physics lesson; students explore new perspectives of the physics lesson;

·       show students differences between education systems in partner countries;

·       development of  students  cooperation  which:

     - is beneficial to all participating students,

     - improves feelings of friendship;

·       evolve students' skills and confidence








Students in our project was awarded the Pupil Quality Label certificate with the ceremony

01/11/2011 23:10
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Schools Awarded the European Quality Label

28/10/2011 01:21
eTwinning the European quality labels were announced   Announced 2011 European Quality Labels Our project was awarded with the European quality label named digiscience
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